Thatch Roofing in Miyama-cho, Kyoto Prefecture 茅葺屋根 京都府美山町

 Miyama-cho in northern Kyoto Prefecture is one of the few remaining locations in Japan where the tradition of thatch roofing continues.  Other popular locations are Shirakawago in Gifu Prefecture and Gokayama in Toyama Prefecture.
 Miyama is home to a number of professional roof thatchers, including one of Japan's largest roof thatching companies, Miyama Kayabuki. Another Miyama organization promoting roof thatching in Japan is Kayabukiya.
 This past summer the Miyama Thatch Roof Resource Center was re-thatched by Nishio-san.


ziggy said...

Love seeing stuff like this. Thanks for your excellent photos and details on subjects that are not covered very widely! So excited to run across your website. The thatch is gorgeous.

Kyle Holzhueter said...

Thank you Ziggy. Very nice work, and great info on the Year of Mud website. I remember reading an article about you some years back. can't remember the magazine. maybe Yes!??

ziggy said...

Yup, we were in Yes! in the fall of 2010. Glad you saw us in there! I can't wait to dive into your site more... all the info. on plastering techniques in particular is really intriguing. I would love a chance to learn some of this stuff firsthand.