Light Rice Husk Clay Home Update 2016.12.31

  Currently working with Phil Cashman and 高木 俊 (Shun Takagi)-san building Japan's first light rice husk clay home.
   The house features:
-passive solar design
-low impact pier foundations
-locally sourced and milled timber
-light rice husk clay insulation surpassing 2020 energy efficiency standards
-ventilated rain screen exterior finished with charred cedar siding
-earthen and lime plaster interior
-rain water collection and water supply
-off grid solar system
-biogas digester for cooking
-compost toilet
-grey water treatment

   A video showing how the exterior cedar boards were burnt can be seen at the following link:
   Sora and Midori Miyashita have helped with the interior and exterior plastering. Such great help!

 Base coat of earthen plaster
 Brown coat of earthen plaster