Takekomai (竹小舞) and Earthen Plastering

July 11th attended a takekomai (竹小舞) and earthen plastering workshop in Fujino, Kangawa.
Takekomai and earthen plaster
Architect Takahiro Yamada next to wood fiber insulation
Mr. Konuma (小沼親方), ninja plaster


Paul Starr's "Lancaster Sweet Corn" in Tokyo JAPAN!

My buddy Paul Starr from Butler, Pennsylvania, gave me these seeds some years ago. I'm finally gettin' around to grown'em out. (actually in Fujisawa, about an hour from Tokyo.)


Asian Rural Institute (アジア学院)

The evening of July 4th stayed at the Asian Rural Institute (アジア学院) in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture. Asian Rural Institute trains young leaders from Asia and Africa in organic agriculture, rural planning, and leadership.
Wheat harvest


July 4th visited Tochigi, famous for its Kura (), storehouses. Tochigi is also renown for its tile roofs. Old tiles used as pavers. Most of the hemp production in Japan is cultivated in Tochigi prefecture. The floor of this hallway is one, single board. Can you imagine the size of the tree?

Cordwood bridge

Miso Barrels