Circular Gypsum Moulding

Modifying the same moulding form from the previous post, the following describes how to create a circular gypsum moulding.
Cut thin metal strips and wrap around a radial handle.
Secure the metal strip: Pierce the metal and handle with a nail, and bend the nail on the opposite side to secure the metal strip.
Punch a hole in the metal strip to allow the radial arm to rotate around a central peg.
Intall the central peg: In this case a nail is pounded into the table and the nail head is cut off with pinchers.
Radial arm and central peg
Determine the desired radius of the circular moulding and attach radial arm.
 Draw outline of circular moulding
 Cut string for circular moulding to improve tensile strength
 Mix gypsum and secure string between moulding outline
 Pull mould form in circular motion
 After completion, remove circular moulding similar to the moulding described in the previous post.

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