Chris Bowen's Japanese Country Home in Southwestern Wisconsin

 Last April I had the opportunity to visit Chris Bowen's Japanese Country Home in Southwestern Wisconsin. 
 A group of five carpenters from Japan built the structure over a four month period using trees fell and milled on the property.
 As if a piece of Japan had been transplanted in southwestern Wisconsin.
 In addition to most of the finish carpentry, Chris also trained himself in earth and lime plastering.
 Chris has also done most of the landscaping himself.
 Lime plaster and Yaroi wood siding.
After visiting Chris' home, I definitely feel a calling to help promote Japanese timber framing and natural plastering abroad.


Rongomai Bailey said...

Wow. That place is amazing. Still hoping to make something like that but much smaller in NZ...

Kyle Holzhueter said...

Rongomai, thank you for the comment. I don't know if I can be of much assistance, but I plan on being in New Zealand next March for the international straw builders conference.

ziggy said...

What's the insulation situation in this home? Nice work!

Kyle Holzhueter said...


I believe there is Styrofoam board insulation. I also think the home is built in an area that does not enforce building codes. Also of concern is the challenge in ensuring building air tightness where dissimilar materials meet, for example posts and walls, etc.