d&b ~ 関浦デザイン アンド Bono Bagel

今年の夏に広島にある関浦デザインというデザイン事務所とBono Bagelというパン工房の改装工事に携わりました。特徴がストローベイルベンチと塗り壁です。
This summer I lead the renovation of a graphic design office and bakery in Hiroshima City. Construction consisted of mainly building a partition wall with window and door, building a straw bale bench, plastering several rooms and re-finishing the floors.
ベイルの散髪 Trimming Bales

 ベイル積み Stacking Bale Bench
荒壁土塗り Base Coat Application
荒壁完成 Completed base/scratch coat
中塗完成 Completed brown/middle coat
中の藁が見える真実の窓 Truth window exposing the straw
仕上げ塗 Finish application
For design work, the designer requested a grey interior finish. We achieved that with a plaster consisting of lime, earth, grey marble dust, hemp fiber and seaweed glue. 
Before and After
 床のペンキを剥がして、クリアのステンで仕上げました。 The floor was finished with clear stain.
We also recycled an old window we found in my wife's grandparents' barn.
天井も壁も木和土大津仕上げ Kiwado Otsu Finish
洗い出し玄関 Exposed aggregate finish in entrance way
実はね、水槽用の石です。 Fish tank pebbles:)
事務所完成 The completed office

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