Wanju Appropriate Technology Symposium

November 16 presented at the Wanju Appropriate Technology Symposium.


Eric said...

Nice looking 1V dome! I like those the best because all the struts are the same size. 2Vs have a nicer shape but it can be a bit dicey to put together by yourself.

Have you ever looked at "Stardome.jp"? A split bamboo dome-I built one last year just for kicks. I built it out of madake, and it did collapse after a heavy snow. But I think that my next attempt using Moso will be more successful. I want to convince the neighborhood to build the "Tori-goya" for the Tori-oi matsuri in a dome. Don't know if it will work though.

But anyway- you inspire me Kyle!

Kyle Holzhueter said...

iyaiya, hazukashii koto iuna.
Thank you Eric. And thank you for that link. I wasn't familiar with stardome.jp. Looks fairly straight forward. Is there a way to make whole bamboo flexible enough to use? What's Tori-goya?

Eric said...

Whole bamboo... While it is so much stronger in the round, I can't see how it would work. The uneven bending as the culms thicken towards the base. And piercing the culms would weaken them....

The Tori-goya is a bamboo hut thatched with grasses (usually susuki) and used to house a Shinto altar. Local people come by, make a donation, and put their New Year's decorations against the walls of the hut. When it gets dark, we take out the offering box and torch that baby! You can see the video on my blog. Look under that tag "Thatching."