Leyenda Straw Bale Antique Gallery and Store

April 25 to May 5 worked on the construction of Leyenda Antique Gallery and Store in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture. Construction began last year and was featured in a blog entry last November. Construction of the building is lead by Hiroaki YOSHIMOTO of the Toyama Straw Bale House Association (富山ストローベイルハウス協会). Hiro and Kyle Team Work included interior and exterior plastering. Although the building utilizes ventilated rain screens to protect the bale walls from rain and snow, the owner wanted straw to be a visual element of the exterior. We achieved this by including straw fibers in the exterior lime plaster, which gave the finish plaster a soft yellow tone. For the finish plaster, the hydrate lime was purchased at the local home improvement center, sand was purchased locally, and local straw was shredded on site. All together, the cost of materials was just over 20,000yen, that's about a $200USD.
Pulling apart fibers for the plaster
Group photo

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Yey Toyama Family! Send my love to Taneki and Kaori next time you go please!