Leyenda Antique Gallery and Store

Last fall helped Hiroaki Yoshimoto with the construction of a straw bale building in Toyama Prefecture.
Hiro Notching Bales with a Chainsaw

Hiro, who is professionally trained as a carpenter, is the founder and director of the NPO Toyama Straw Bale House Association. Hiro is also active in promoting environmental education.

The building is being constructed with the assistance of the owners Naosuke and Akane Teranishi and will function as an antique store.
Akane Stuffing Gap with Straw

Naoske Tying Bale

Naosuke and Akane import and sell European antiques. The name of the building and store is “Leyenda”, and was named after my favorite classical guitar piece, originally written by Issac Albeniz for piano and transcribed for guitar by Andre Sagovia.

The straw bale walls are plastered on both sides with lime based plasters. The exterior features ventilated rainscreens to protect the bale walls from rain and snow.

In November, Leyenda was featured in several newspapers.

More photos are details are available at the following websites:
October http://www.sakichi-k.jp/2010/10/
November http://www.sakichi-k.jp/2010/11/
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