Creativity Summit at the Haja Center, Seoul, South Korea

The Haja Center is an alternative school in Seoul, South Korea providing education in urban farming, appropriate technology, alternative energy and natural building, as well as courses in graphic design, digital media, film, cooking and restaurant management, etc. The Haja Center hosts a middle school, high school, two-year post high school program, young chef program, entrepreneur incubation center, recording studio, carpentry workshop, bicycle repair center, cafes and countless other programs and workshops.
It is truly an inspiration and heart warming to see young students engaged in learning, passionate about life, and actively creating the society and world in which they want to live.

In November 2012 I attended a wood burning stove course at the Haja Center.
I was recently invited to the annual Creativity Summit hosted by the Haja Center, which included three days of friendship, laughter, good food, inspiration and creativity!
Soren from the People's College of Denmark performing John Lennon's Imagine

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