Re-thatching a rural Kabuki musical hall in Hyogo Pefecture 北層尾農村歌舞伎舞台 茅葺工事見学会

During the Edo period (1603 to 1868) rural Kabuki musicals took place during the agricultural off season; for example after the rice harvest. Originally these rural musicals took place in temporary buildings set up in rice fields or open spaces, but later came to take place in specific buildings or stages within the precincts of Shinto Shrines. Although Kabuki is believed to have originate in Kyoto in the 17th century, rural Kabuki musicals probably have their roots in a much older continental tradition.
  The following photos depict the re-thatching of  a rural Kabuki hall built in 1777 in Hyogo Prefecture. The building features a stone foundation, timber frame, bamboo lattice with earthen plaster walls, and prominent thatch roof. Ikuya Sagara-san's Kusakanmuri was responsible for re-thatching the roof.

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