Hydraulic Lime Plastering in Alberta, Canada カナダでの水硬性石灰モルタル塗り

August 6-29, worked with craftsmen from Japan and England plastering multiple light straw clay buildings in southern Alberta, Canada with hydraulic lime.  Most work took place at Harvest Haven Health, an organic farm near Lethbridge.  The timber frame of the new store was constructed by Mr. Takahashi of Kominkakobo.  Mark built the light straw clay walls and the hydraulic lime plastering was led by Ben Scott of Canada's Lime Plaster Company
 Ben Scott and Mark Benson ベン・スコット氏とマーク・ベンソン氏
 Ben Scott of Canada's Lime Plaster Company
Harvest Haven's Mark Benson ハーベスト・ハーバン・ヘルのマーク・ベンソン氏
 Martin Vanpopta 何でもできるマーティンさん
 Texture 中塗の肌具合

 Lime Paint Samples 消石灰ペンキの色のサンプル
Mark testing colors
Ben Scott of the Lime Plaster Company

 Workshop 講習会
 Tadelakt Sample タデラク・サンプル
 Lime Wash 消石灰ペンキ

 Lime Plaster and American Clay Samples



Mark Benson said...

Thank you again Kyle for all your hard work in coordinating the Japanese contingent for this project. A pleasure again to work with such expert, passionate and conscientious plasterers.

Maybe we can do it all again with the interior clay plastering!

Mark Benson

Kyle Holzhueter said...

Thank you Mark. Please also thank your family for the warm hospitality.