Phil Cashman

October 29 visited Phil Cashman in Hayama (葉山) with Mio Saito, a senior college student in Dr. Itonaga's research studio. Phil was born and raised in Tokyo, attended college in the US, worked as a carpenter in Japan, studied permaculture in Australia, and now lives in Hayama with his wife and daughter.Phil is passionate about permaculture, seed saving, Japanese honey bees, natural building, etc. He's in the process of remodeling a timber-frame home with natural materials and ecological features.Walls insulated with discarded tatami mats and plastered with earth. Tatami mats, made of a straw core with reed finish, are a traditional flooring material in Japan.Russian Oven (ペチカ)
Phil is in the process of building a chicken tractor. Since Mio's senior project is to build a chicken tractor, I thought that the two should get together.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kyle:

My name is Behrouz and I am Phil Cashman's roommate in Minnesota where he attended college. I am trying to get in touch with Phil. If you would please forward my email address to him or let me know how I can reach him I would appreciate it.
My email: brucebnader@yahoo.com

again thanks,