Cherry Blossoms, Wine, and Straw Bale

April 4 and 5, travled to Yamanashi-Prefecture with four friends. The trip had two themes, wine tasting and cherry blossom viewing. Kyle mixing powdered green tea.  Blew $400 in two days. Not typical of Kyle.Attended the Japanese Association of Rural Planning’s annual conference on the 11th, then traveled to Chiba-Prefecture to collect data from Fu-Ryu, a straw bale café/gallery.


Chowchow said...

Hello カイルさん!
Thanks for looking at my blog. Strawbaleじゃないけど、いつかはStrawbaleできるように頑張ります!風流はもう完成したんですね。見に行きたいな。とてもかっこいい建物になってて、なんか嬉しいですね。

スタッフ T &A said...

Hello Mr Kyle

This is a staff who works at a cafe gallery at Chigasaki.
I like your works! This cafe has some interesting paintings by one of Japanese artist. So please check our blog! Thank you.