Ecovillage Conference Tokyo 2007

On October 23 I spoke about my research to forth graders from an elementary school in Shibuya, Tokyo. They’re planning to create habitat for wildlife at their school.

On October 26 I gave a tour of our research center, Center for Natural Environmental Sciences, to a number of Nihon University international students.

On October 24 I presented at an Ecovillage Conference in Tokyo.


On October 25 I visited an ecologically designed condominium complex and intentional community. The siding is fired cedar, a tradition wood preservation method. Solar hot water heaters and gardens are located on the roof.


Dave said...

Thanks for the update - finally

Kathie Holzhueter said...

Kyle, see your busy as usual and fruitful in your life. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Mom

Annice said...

This is great info to know.