Japanese Language Course and Shinjuku Station

On September 18 I started an 11-week Japanese language course. These are some of the students in my class.

Weekdays I commute almost 2 hours from Fujisawa-City, Kanagawa-Prefecture to central Tokyo. I change trains at Shijuku station, the world’s busiest train station. In 2006, an average of 3.31 million people per day used Shinjuku station. There are over 200 exits.
Above is Shinjuku station. Below is Ichigaya station, the station closest to my Japanese language course.

Almost every day I ride the trains, I can’t help but ask myself, “Man, what the fcuk am I doing here?”


Jean said...

Hi, Kyle,
I'm at Paul's since I came to Mankato to attend Ruth's induction into the Loyola High Sschool Hall of Fame today. Ann, Adam & Dick are here right now, too. I read your latest post to them including what you ask yourself each day when you switch trains & it got a big laugh. Jean

Dave said...

LOL, and so did CK. I guess your train experience is a little different than your previous homes. Although, I guess, Luther's union may have about .1% the traffic of Shinjuku train station. That's pretty close.

b.m.t. said...

hello kyle. posted a message on your latest blog (regarding straw bale in hokkaido), but am now going back and have to tell you that your "what the fcuk am i doing here" made me literally laugh out loud. ;) thanks for that.